filth deposition, with lines from Caroline Polachek

Fargo Nissim Tbakhi

Tell me/ how I am usurped by the meanings of files/ sweet face transfigured into unbeautiful text/ only
becoming/ what you're afraid of/ animal unreleased but roaming anyway/ domestic bliss my presence in
tunnels/ financial ruin slitting crosshatched through headlines/ sightlines/ landlines/ leylines/  

and you cannot/ tell/ where the expiration of soil is printed/ with what ink/ swirling delightfully desirous
all over/ me/ I am a scrounged collection of sentences/ that begin with “I am” but never finish/ I am made
of/ what night is made of/ absence etc lack etc a substance in opposition to light/ what can I not/ gobble
up and disappear/  

I/ destroy for you/ I am destroyed for you/ I cease to begin my sentences with “I am” for you/ certainly
the humble facilitator of interrogation appreciates this/ in the void of text he gives me a sticker/ turns on
light of unbearable/ color/ this a tactic for diffusion/ strategy for displacement of/ the night/ certainly I
thank my licky stars/ narrow bars and/ electric/ fences bend light like bodybuilders/ hypervisibility in the
church of narrowness/  

my voice the texture of gasoline begging “humility/ get in me like a secret/ and stay put”/ intradepartment
slash fic/ my predictable despicable shtick/ begging etc pleading etc promising to squawk/ I open/
another can of worms/ to loose them on the graves/ hurry along decomposition/ hurry along return to
earth/ hurry resurrection etc retribution etc/  

an incendiary clown act/ a unionized mime troupe/ pretending to run into/ the door/ which isn’t there/
revealing this way that doors are only/ agreed upon/ collectively decided in the relations between me/
and you/ constructed with spit and elbow grease extracted with a tiny oil drill/ manufactured proboscis
dipping sensually up and down/ bowing lowering its mighty head to/ run through/ the pretend door of
my skin and drink/  

extractively sweetly you dip/ into me/ financially tenderly I succumb to radar/ my decision to fold creates
a ping/ pang/ thumping pain in my tongue threat tang/ and then I go/ beyond the visible frame/ move like
a cat with a half-life left/ bloodlines copperlines airlines eyelines/ warping my velocity/ I move like a
poison/ I move like a desperate scabbing mime/ invisible tools I agree upon myself I move/ minesweeper
goodness seeper cast out like a leopard/ you drink out of me I slink/ into you