33.2 Summer/Fall 2021

2020 Barthelme Prize

2020 Translation Prize in Poetry

2020 Beauchamp Prize in Critical Art Writing

Special Feature: Origin Stories, Curated by Vievee Francis

  • An Origin Story, by Vievee Francis
  • Journal of Visitations, by Desiree Cooper
  • Did we not, by Cleopatra Mathis
  • My Mother Wins an Oxygen Tank at the Casino, or, My Mother Makes an Exception, by Amina Gautier
  • The Notary, by Peter Orner
  • Ric Flair Doesn't Love Richard Fliehr, by P. Scott Cunningham
  • Expulsion Lessons but Replace the Garden with a Swamp, by Margaret Ray
  • Essay on Beauty: Highland Park, by Cathy Linh Che
  • 9am: Working Class Bedtime Story, by Airea D. Matthews
  • All the TV Shows are About Cops, by Hanif Abdurraqib
  • Brotherhood, Crossroads and Etcetera #2, 1994, by Tommye Blount
  • Altitude, by William Craig
  • Used to Be a Sweet Boy, by Robert Fanning
  • Watchnight, by Ravi Howard
  • Lemon Tree, by Eric Cruz


  • A Year of Drought, a Year of Forgetting, by John Miguel Shakespear
  • Fallout, by Masha Kisel
  • Mastodons of the Late Anthropocene, by Jared Green
  • There is Love at Home, by Eloghosa Osunde
  • Phantom Pain, by Selva Almada (transl. by Chris Andrews)
  • Honey and Sun, by Gina Chung
  • Mild Blue Dream, by Kyle Minor


  • Black Hollywood, by Aisha Sabatini Sloan
  • Obruni, by Linette Marie Allen
  • Songbird, by Evan J. Massey
  • Shrines of Twine, by Natalie Kinkade
  • Lebanese in America: A Syntax, by janan alexandra
  • I'm Not Writing About Summerspace, by Maya Sonenberg


  • Window, by John Bonanni
  • Chiaroscuro, by Simone Muench & Jackie K. White
  • Interview, by Keetje Kuipers
  • 2 Poems by April Freely
Bose Says "Connected to Anne's iPhone" Every Ten Seconds
My Body Won't Be the Last I Can't Get To
  • 3 Poems by Brandon Shimoda
The Desert
The Desert
The Desert
  • Blackout, by Caleb Nolen
  • Elevation, by Lindsay Turner
  • 3 Poems by Anzhelina Polonskaya (transl. by Andrew Wachtel)
Winter Windows
Trying to Sleep
Returning to the Ashes
  • SICK4SICK, by torrin a. greathouse
  • 3 Poems by Matty Layne Glasgow
Hyperpastoral, or Shepherd's Pie
Hyperpastoral, or Shame & Retribution
  • God, by K. Iver
  • 2 Poems by Jacques J. Rancourt
  • 3 Poems by Margaret Randall
Out of Violence into Poetry
Tongue Seeking Solace
  • When I touch Poison Sumac, I Become It Too, by Zoë Brigley
  • When the Body Says No but You Can't Stop Swallowing, by Steven Espada Dawson
  • Hospice, North Dakota, by Mike Carlson
  • moral inventory, by Anthony Thomas Lombardi
  • 4 Poems by Courtney Faye Taylor
  • Horse Heads, by Colby Cotton
  • Black Prince, by Nancy Morejón (transl. by Margaret Randall)
  • From In It, by Bruce Smith
  • Evangelist, by Derek Palacio
  • 2 Poems by Dan Beachy-Quick
  • 3 Poems by Franz Wright
The Writing, 1

Creative & Critical Art Writing

  • The Art of Return: Bria Lauren's Affirmation of Black Womanhood, by Amarie Gipson
  • Aya Brown: Sending Black Women Love on Brown Paper, by Sidney Mori Garrett

Reviews & Interviews

  • Nests: An Interview with Kevin McIlvoy, by Adrienne Perry