18.2 - Summer/Fall 2006

Table of Contents

  • Belly

    Stephanie Dickinson

  • One Last Good Time

    Michael P. Kardos

  • Grannany

    Velma Pollard

  • Rollerblade for Jesus

    Ellen Morris Prewitt

  • Whistler's Walk

    Cherene Sherrard

  • Shine

    Kevin Winchester

  • Plumbers and Other Men

    Sue Allison

  • Returning

    Ruth Gila Berger

  • Backyard Theatre

    Joe Bonomo

  • Drinking Coffee

    Minnie Bruce Pratt

  • Captivities

    Arthur Saltzman

  • Magio

    D.E. Steward

  • Thistle

    Nicole Walker

  • "Mystery Surrounds Bird Deaths"

    Joelle Biele

  • Of Digestion

    K. Bradford

  • Hurricane Q

    K. Bradford

  • Rosa Alice Branco: Maritime Adventure

    Rosa Alice Branco

  • Fisherman & Son

    Rosa Alice Branco

  • Hong Kong Airport

    Erik Campbell

  • It is Not in the Heavens, Neither Is It Beyond the Sea

    Nan Cohen

  • Azaleas

    Lightsey Darst

  • From Another Life

    Cathryn Essinger

  • Big

    CJ Evans

  • Spectacles Lost in the Sea

    Zack Finch

  • Self-Portrait as St. Sebastian Pierced By Arrows

    Steve Gehrke

  • [My mind, a magpie, steals razor blades, guard]

    Susan Gosleee

  • Why Maggots

    David Hernandez

  • Proof

    David Hernandez

  • Gravity Sends Them

    Lesley Jenike

  • Untitled (It)

    Kelli Kaufmann

  • The Road Between the Rims

    Harriet Levin

  • The Embrace

    Susan Lewis

  • The Appointment

    Susan Lewis

  • How Are Things?

    Sarah Manguso

  • Circus

    Sarah Manguso

  • I Bought a Hat

    Jack Martin

  • Home

    Davis McCombs

  • White Space

    Davis McCombs

  • For Real Your Friends Are Blue Bloods

    Daniel Nester

  • From my Desk

    Daniel Nester

  • Overwintering

    Kathy Nilsson

  • Lovers in the Red Sky: the Bird's View

    Daniel Polikoff

  • Land O'Lakes

    Matt Rasmussen

  • Kill School

    Frances Richey

  • Waiting

    Frances Richey

  • Home on Leave

    Frances Richey

  • The Mating Habits of Slugs

    Roy Seeger

  • Drawing Jesus

    David Shumate

  • After Watching Jean Cocteau's Orphee

    Brenda Sieczkowski

  • Why I Paint

    Brenda Sieczkowski

  • The Opposite of War

    Tracy K. Smith

  • One Man at a Time

    Tracy K. Smith

  • Toads

    Chris Souza

  • Pantoum

    Melissa Stein

  • Front Matter

    Miles Waggener

  • Laurentius' Harow

    G.C. Waldrep

  • Possible Peacock, Possible Swan

    G.C. Waldrep

  • [My youngest wanted to stay]

    Daneen Wardrop

  • Incident and Episode in the Red House

    Ronaldo V. Wilson

  • The Brown Boy's Flesh

    Ronaldo V. Wilson

  • The Brown Boy's Final Killing

    Ronaldo V. Wilson

  • The Brown Boy's Silence

    Ronaldo V. Wilson

  • Oedipus

    Mark Yakich

  • Panopticon

    Mark Yakich

  • Defining Love, Enduring Brutality

    Keya Mitra sits down with Alicia Erian

  • True Tragedy Is Local: Gabrielle Calvocoressi's The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart

    Leslie Harrison

  • How to Obtain the Girl Scout Badge for Avant-Garde: Lara Glenum's The Hounds of No

    Barbara Duffey

  • Reluctantly Domesticated: Holiday Reinhorn's Big Cats

    Albert E. Martinez

  • The Thief of Memory: Dominic Smith's Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre

    Mónica Parle

  • Leaving, an introduction by Alison de Lima Greene

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "The Lost Landscape with Rainbow" (2005).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "Low Cloud Landscape No. 2" (2003).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "This Man Fell Silent" (2005).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "Falling" (2005).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "Forgetting" (2005).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "They Walk, Fall, Continue, and Die, No. 6" (2003).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "Five More Fallen" (2004).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "Leaving" (2005).

    Robyn O'Neil

  • "Darkening" (2005).

    Robyn O'Neil

Authors in this issue: Robyn O'Neil, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Frances Richey, Sarah Manguso, Davis McCombs, Daniel Nester, David Hernandez, Brenda Sieczkowski, Tracy K. Smith, Rosa Alice Branco, K. Bradford, Susan Lewis, G.C. Waldrep, Mark Yakich, Daniel Polikoff, Jack Martin, Mónica Parle, Albert E. Martinez, Barbara Duffey, Kathy Nilsson, Miles Waggener, Matt Rasmussen, Melissa Stein, Roy Seeger, David Shumate, Keya Mitra sits down with Alicia Erian, Daneen Wardrop, Chris Souza, Leslie Harrison, Stephanie Dickinson, Michael P. Kardos, D.E. Steward, Velma Pollard, Ellen Morris Prewitt, Cherene Sherrard, Kevin Winchester, Sue Allison, Ruth Gila Berger, Joe Bonomo, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Arthur Saltzman, Nicole Walker, Kelli Kaufmann, Joelle Biele, Erik Campbell, Nan Cohen, Lightsey Darst, Cathryn Essinger, CJ Evans, Zack Finch, Steve Gehrke, Susan Gosleee, Lesley Jenike, Harriet Levin,