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Art • Culture • Critical Art Writing

Blowing Tom’s Mind

Chris Kilgore

When I was earning my BFA in Film and video at Rice University in 1984, the Fine Arts department expected me to take the same art history pre-requisites that were required of the BFA printmakers, sculptors, and painters. These demanding courses were also used to weed out incoming students who did not have the means to succeed in Rice’s esteemed architecture program. So along with the challenging two-semester survey of art history, I had the chance to take several courses from Thomas McEvilley. This opportunity delighted me. Among Rice students interested in art and the ideas behind it, Tom’s courses had a fervent following. Rice University was primarily and famously a highly competitive science and engineering school, so art history students were a small minority, but among this group, Thomas McEvilley was held in very high esteem. No one was more in awe of Tom than I was.